Life Insurance

Life insurance means your insurer will pay money to your beneficiaries when you die - so it's actually death cover.

The last thing you want is to leave your family struggling to make ends meet in the midst of grieving for you. You can have cover for a specific term or for your whole life. Term life cover is suitable for covering a specific liability such as finances for your children until they can be expected to become financially independent.

Business Insurance

As a business owner you will know that running a business is full of ups and downs. Busienss Insurance can help mitigate the financial risk your business could face. Shareholder Protection, Buy & Sell Agreements, Key Person Insurance, Relevant Life Cover and Liability Insurance are some of the solutions we have been providing to firms across the UK. Speak to any one of our skilled advisers for your own unique business risk mitigation planning.

Wills & Estate Planning

After a lifetime of building up assets and working hard to provide financial security, you need to ensure the right people benefit. However, unless your wishes are properly documented, there is a danger that all you own will not pass on to your chosen beneficiaries. Writing a will is arguably one of the most important things you will do, ensuring your family understands and repsects your wishes. This is Estate Planning, a complex area, but one where we can simplify your solution.

Income Protection

Do you work hard for a living? Then protecting your income should be of paramount importance to you - right? Your income pays for so much, your home, food, clothes, fun and family needs - to name a few. If you can't earn your income because of an illness or injury, Incoem Protection will continue to pay yoru earnings whilst you recover. Speak to one of our advisers to discuss your options to create your unique solution.

Private Health Insurance

Our health is our most valued asset, and being in good health is often taken for granted - only in times of poor health or serious injury do we appreciate how important it is to look after ourselves. The NHS is available to us, but wouldn't you prefer to have a doctor on call within 48 hours on your mobile, private hospitals of your choice and quicker more successful treatments with lower re-admission rates? Talk to us today for you and your family's unique solution.

Lasting Power of Attorney

If you were rendered mentally incapacitated, you would not be able to manage your financial affairs and possibly unable to amke decisions on your own healthcare. Your family and your business could be at risk. An inexpensive Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) is your solution, speak to one of our skilled advisers today - you are never too young to have an LPA. A LPA helps your family know exactly what you want when you can't tell them yourself, and enables them to act in your best interests.

Serious Illness Cover

The insurer will pay you if your are diagnosed with one of their specified conditions such as cancer, heart attack and more than 100 other conditions. You can't work when you're suffering one of these conditions and you need to focus on recovering, not financial problems. The money paid to you is tax free and can be used for whatever you need, perhaps additional treatment, recovery aids or simply household income.

Home Insurance

Home insurance refers to prtotecting your homestead, from the brick and mortar to all your personal belongings. Whether you rent your home or own it, your home sweet home and its contents will be protected against the financial devastation of damage, fire  or theft. It's easy to underestimate the value of your furniture, electronics and even clothing - let one of our experienced advisers ensure you have comprehensive cover.


Probate is the process where your estate (everything you own) is divided up according to your wishes if you have a will or the Laws of Intestacy if you don't. This is a notoriously lengthy process, usually longer than 6 months, delaying the payment of your lfie policy until completed. A Trust is essentially a legal arrangement where the Trust takes ownership of certain assets, like your life policy. This means your life policy is not subject to probate and will pay to your beneficiaries immedaitely after your death.

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